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Properties at Elk Lake Shores are in high demand.  HomeThis is a Private Gated Community, You need a guest pass signed by a member or be accompanied by a Registered Realtor to enter.

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Each monthly newsletter, Elk Lake Shorelines, provides current listings of properties for sale

New and prospective members should read the
Rules and Regulations, and fill out a Membership Application, and submit to the board with $2500 initiation fee. Yearly dues are $1300.

Any member adding to their property with a dock, deck, storage building, shed, gazebo, garage, home addition or new dwelling must submit a Property Improvement Permit for approval by the ELPOA Board to ensure compliance with ELPOA restrictions and rules. Board meets the 3rd Saturday of the month, submit Property Improvement Application in advance to preclude delays.
Permits and applications can be found at the Permits/Apps/Forms Tab of the front page

(** any other needed permits must be filed with local/county agencies, building, septic, plumbing, electrical, Must meet all state and local requirements and are the responsibility of the property owner)

Electric Inspectors/Permits

County/Building/Plumbing/ Septic(health) Inspector

Owen Electric

​Kentucky American Water