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Complete rules and regulations regarding the use of the lake are provided in the ELPOA Rules and Regulations.  (You might need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or update the version you have to the current version, to access this document.)

You must be over 18 or have a state boaters license, to operate a boat over 10HP

Skiing is allowed, as well as wake/knee boarding and tubing, but only with pull-behind tubing devices specifically made and marketed for use on recreational waters.  Tow lines must be 75' feet or shorter.  A spotter 12 years or older must be in the boat when towing.

All motorized boats at used on Elk Lakemust be owned and registered/titled in the property owner/members name.  Owners should submit registration/title to the office before planned entry to the lake.  Other boats must be left at the gate until a ELPOA sticker is issued.

In general, these are the boat restrictions:

  • All mono- or single-hull boats, typically fishing and pleasure/ski boats, are restricted to 20 feet maximum length (as stated on the title or if not on title-measured from the front of the boat to the end of the boat without accounting for the motor).
  • All pontoon boats are restricted to 24 feet maximum length.
  • All sailboats are restricted to 20 feet maximum length and 20 feet in maximum mast height.
  • All other watercraft is restricted to 20 feet maximum length.
  • No Personal watercraftare allowed on Elk Lake
  • Taking into account Elk Lakes’ long and narrow nature. Artificial wakes on or in the waters of Elk Lake Shores that are created by a motorboat whose weight is altered by adding water or artificial weight and/or hydraulically/pneumatically/electrically controlled devices or any attachment intended for the sole purpose of increasing the size and/or output of wake that alters the way a boat planes on the waters of Elk Lake shores is prohibited

See the Rules and Regulations - Recreational Use of Properties, Pg 16  for full list of Boating Rules.

Deer Lake is restricted to canoes, kayaks and pedal boats but no motors other than battery-powered trolling motors.