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Board Meeting July 18. 8am at the Lodge

Ballots Due 13 July 2015

ELPOA Rules Committee and Board have worked hard for 2 years, in clarifying, updating and amending our governing documents.  The Board Unanimously approved these changes for the good of our Community

Ballots have been sent out and must be return MAILED and POSTMARKED by 13 July 2015

Find documents below or request a copy at the Gate or from the ELPOA Office at 502-484-0014

                            Rules & Regulations 2015               Bylaws 2015    ​​

                                                    Bluebook 2003    

                             July 18       TBA              Johnny Delagrange on Wood's Dock 948  
                     July 25      Afternoon   Music at Ahler's Dock 889
                     July 25      Evening        Sportsmans Luau @ Beach
                     Aug  1        2pm             Lyn Payne Holland at Woulms Dock 46
                     Aug 22     TBA               Music at Broderick's Dock 77​

Please do not sit in the Dam or Beach turnarounds, Clear them ASAP

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